Take Care to Leave a Trace 16th February to 18th April 2024 Exhibition Luan Gallery


Friday, 16th February to18th April 2024

Elliot Rd Ranelagh, Athlone Co. Westmeath



Take Care to Leave a trace Exhibition Luan Gallery Athlone 2024

Take Care to Leave a Trace

Graduate Group Exhibition at Luan Gallery that explores themes of memory, grief, spirituality, and our relationship with our surrounding landscape.

Exhibiting artists: Peter Bjoerk, Aoife Ní Dhuinn, Laura Grisard, Shane Malone-Murphy, Aisling McConville and Patsy Tyrrell – Curated by Aoife Banks

Exhibition runs: Friday 16th February – Thursday, 18th April.

Official opening night: Friday, 16th February, from 6pm to 8pm LUAN GALLERY PRESENTS Take Care to Leave a Trace EXHIBITION.

Luan Gallery is delighted to present Take Care to Leave a Trace; a multi-disciplinary group show featuring work by recent Fine Art Graduates Peter Bjoerk, Aoife Ní Dhuinn, Laura Grisard, Shane Malone-Murphy, Aisling McConville, and Patsy Tyrrell, curated by Aoife Banks. The official opening will take place at Luan Gallery on Friday 16th February at 6pm. All are welcome to attend. The exhibition will continue until Thursday, 18th April.

Take Care to Leave a Trace examines the invisible exchanges and affectual relations between mind, body, and land. Exploring themes of memory, grief, spirituality and our relationship with our surrounding environments, Take Care to Leave a Trace investigates psychic and relational terrains through the monumentalisation of the intangible, unseen interactions between body and space.

This exhibition offers insight into the practice of emerging Irish artists working across mediums such as installation, sculpture, performance, film, photography, and drawing. The artists in this exhibition employ diverse artistic techniques to capture the intricate connections between the physical and metaphysical realms. Through their thought-provoking works, they invite viewers to reflect on their own experiences and contemplate the profound impact of these intangible exchanges on our individual and collective identities. By delving into the depths of memory, grief, spirituality, and our relationship with nature, Take Care to Leave a Trace presents a compelling exploration of the complexities of human existence in an ever-changing world.

The launch is on Friday, February 16, at 6pm, and all are welcome to attend. The exhibition will continue until Thursday, April 18. Luan Gallery is open Tuesday–Saturday, 11am to 5pm and Sundays, 12pm to 5pm. Admission to Luan Gallery is free, and guided tours are free to all.

More information on the exhibition and upcoming events can be found at http://www.athloneartsandtourism.ie/luan-gallery/ and on Luan Gallery’s social channels.

For further information, contact Luan Gallery at T: 090 6442154 or E: info@luangallery Instagram @luangalleryathlone and Facebook: @luangallery or Carmel Duffy, Manager on T: 090 6442154

Take Care to Leave a Trace ARTISTS AND CURATOR

Peter Bjoerk is an Irish photographer specialising in commercial lifestyle photography, medium and large format analogue, and post-photography techniques. As an outdoor enthusiast, his personal focus lies in landscape photography, complemented by a love for hiking, skiing, and tennis. In 2018, Peter was part of an Irish group that successfully summited Mount Kilimanjaro. A recent graduate of Griffith College Dublin, Peter holds a BA in Photographic Media. His graduate project, “Sacred Geometry,” earned him a nomination for the RDS Visual Arts Awards. Additionally, this project was selected for publication in Source Magazine and Abridged Magazine. In 2019, Peter received a nomination for Photographer of the Year at the SMEDIA awards.

Laura Grisard is an emerging visual artist based in North Leitrim; she joined the Contemporary Artworld in 2019 after previously having a career in Beauty Specialist Therapy. Grisard graduated from YADDA, Atlantic Technological University in Sligo 2023. On completion of her degree, she has attended residencies at Ballinglen Museum of Art and is currently exhibiting part as part of the RDS Visual Art Awards, 2023. Grisard is also part of an emerging collective “Mná Rógaire” and together they have completed a residency at Live Art Ireland in Milford House, Borris O’kane Tipperary as part of the Soil and Grass residency programme.

Shane Malone-Murphy is a Wicklow-based artist, who recently graduated with a first-class honours degree in Sculpture and Combined Media From The Limerick School of Art and Design. His work concerns itself with the entanglement of the human experience with land, on both the personal and cultural realms. His work specifically takes note of the impact of grief upon one’s experience of the world. His practice is committed to harnessing the power of grief as a catalyst for ecological and social change. By understanding grief in a broader context, he aims to expose its potential to drive meaningful shifts in our relationship with the environment.

Aisling McConville is an emerging artist who gained first-class honours in the MA Art + Research Collaboration (ARC) programme, IADT, Dublin. Her practice is predominately sculpture based – hewing mnemonic forms as a way of preserving her generational labour of the land. Aisling grew up during the troubles and almost two decades ago, she left the North and spent many years living in Indonesia and Peru. In 2018, Aisling returned to Ireland where ruminations of place and time prompted her research into cultural memory and collective narrative. Her sculptural works traverse striated geographical formations and their imagined ability to sequester memory. Aisling has recently exhibited at Sculpture in Context 2023 and in the Two Steps Twice group exhibition at The Lab Gallery, Dublin 2023.

Aoife Ní Dhuinn (Aoife Dunne) is a Dublin-based visual artist, who recently graduated from the National College of Art and Design with a First-Class BFA degree in Fine Art Media. Ní Dhuinn completed her graduate show project in June 2023 and was awarded the Fire Station Artist Studios Sculpture Graduate Award 2023 and The Ormond Art Studios Graduate Residency 2023. Her practice is currently supported by the Agility Award 2023. Recent exhibitions include 21 Bridges to the Sea (group) 2024, Email Shaped Clouds (solo) 2023 and Graduate Exhibition, Outset Gallery (group) 2023.

Patsy Tyrrell is a visual artist practicing in Beara in West Cork. Tyrrell graduated from the National College of Art and Design, with 1st Class Honours, where she studied Sculpture and Expanded Practice. Tyrrell’s practice is grounded in thinking through making and her work often takes form through performance, sound, drawing, and sculpture. Tyrrell’s practice strives for a balance between a very individual, somatic, slowly thoughtful practice and an outward facing socially engaged practice involving public intervention.