Three One Act Comedies, Athlone Little Theatre 29th November – 6th December 2023


29 November – 6 December 2023

Athlone Little Theatre, St Mary’s Place, Westmeath



Three One Act Comedies Athlone Little Theatre

Three One Act Comedies

Banish the November blues with an evening of comedic one act plays in Athlone Little Theatre from November 29 to December 6.

In Dear Diva, Frances, middle-aged and unmarried, is ecstatically awaiting the arrival of legendary mega star of stage and screen Ezzlie Harlow to her humble home. Both the fan and the star are in for shocks, betrayal and a reversal of fortune, as they learn from each other to be careful what you wish for.

At Louie’s, a typical corner bar, regulars A.G. and Woody enjoy the male camaraderie of friendly insults, unsolicited opinions and pointless conversation. But their comfortable everyday routine is disrupted by the unexpected presence of a pretty female bartender .

Melody is a quirky play focusing on the peculiar passions shared by a bachelor and widow. These two lonely souls realise they share many common interests including classical music, ham & cheese sandwiches and much more.