Bastion Gallery


A treasure trove of beautiful and ethically sourced products

Bastion Gallery 6 Bastion St, Athlone Co. Westmeath, N37 KX23


Woman hand painting Ogham at the Bastion Gallery.

This gift shop on Athlone’s Left Bank area is a treasure trove of beautiful and ethically sourced products.

They stock a selection of Jewellery and crafts including their own brand of handcrafted jewellery ‘Ogham Treasure’.

Ogham Treasure Jewellery is designed and handcrafted in Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands. Inspired by Ogham the first written form of Gaelic. This ancient writing was found carved on standing stones throughout Ireland, at least 400 examples still exist today. Each piece of ogham treasure jewellery is a letter of word in ancient Gaelic.

Ogham is older than Séans Bar!

If you’re searching for a special gift (even if it’s for yourself) you’ll find it here.

Please check opening hours on website as hours vary throughout the year.

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