Discover the Romance of Athlone


A Valentine’s Day Escape

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the picturesque town of Athlone, right in the heart of Ireland, transforms into the perfect spot for love and romance. Offering a blend of charm, elegance, and enchanting experiences for couples, Athlone is the ideal destination for a romantic dinner, a relaxing spa day, or a charming hotel stay. Let’s explore some of the most romantic offerings in Athlone this Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Dinners in Athlone

For a truly romantic dining experience in Athlone, couples are spoilt for choice with the town’s diverse culinary scene. The Thyme Restaurant offers an intimate ambiance, perfect for those who appreciate fine Irish and European cuisine. For a taste of the Mediterranean, the Bacchus Restaurant stands out with its exquisite dishes, setting the stage for a memorable romantic evening. Alternatively, those seeking a blend of Irish and European flavours will find the The Fatted Calf Restaurant an exceptional choice, particularly renowned for its steak and pork dishes. Each of these establishments not only promises a delightful meal but also a charming atmosphere conducive to a special Valentine’s Day celebration. Just make sure to get your reservations in early!

Luxurious Hotel Stays

In Athlone there is a selection of luxurious hotels each offers its own unique charm. Glasson Lakehouse, set by the serene Lough Ree, is perfect for those seeking a picturesque retreat, especially for golf aficionados. The Hodson Bay Hotel & Spa, located on the lake’s edge, combines elegant dining with a restorative spa experience. The Sheraton Athlone Hotel, in the bustling town centre, offers comfort and convenience for both leisure and business travellers. Finally, the Radisson Blu Hotel Athlone, with its stunning riverside location, provides excellent dining and cosy accommodation, making it an ideal base for exploring Athlone’s rich heritage and natural beauty. There are plenty more to choose from and wherever you stay during your time in Athlone, you’re bound to be kicking your feet up in luxury.

Spas & Wellness

Athlone offers a collection of splendid spa and wellness retreats. Cedarwood Spa at Wineport Lodge is renowned for its tranquil setting and opulent treatments, utilising premium Irish Voya and French Yon-ka products, and provides a comprehensive wellness journey that includes yoga and lake activities. In the Sheraton Hotel, Sirana Spa offers a unique sanctuary, drawing inspiration from the Sahara’s landscapes, with custom Elemis treatments and a range of rejuvenating facilities. Utopia Day Spa, an oasis amidst Athlone’s vibrant centre, embraces South East Asian influences, combining traditional healing methods with a luxurious setting, crafting an experience of profound peace and renewal. Each of these spas in Athlone invites guests to step into a world of calm and emerge utterly rejuvenated.

Charming Florists and Gift Shops

Athlone’s florists and gift shops provide the perfect opportunity to express your love with a beautiful bouquet or a thoughtful gift. For a unique experience, visit Fernhill Garden Centre, a beautiful spot for home inspiration, a leisurely walk and even a last minute dozen of roses.


Valentine’s Day in Athlone is an experience filled with romance, luxury, and beauty. Whether it’s dining at a renowned restaurant, staying in a luxurious hotel, relaxing in a serene spa, or finding the perfect gift, Athlone offers the perfect setting for a couples retreat. Plan your Valentine’s Day in Athlone and create unforgettable moments with your significant other.