Athlone extends a heartfelt welcome to brilliant minds from all across the world

Where to Eat

At the heart of every Athlone experience is our outstanding selection of food and drink destinations.
Rustic and real, fine and fresh, unique and understated; traditional pubs where the locals meet sitting alongside exclusive, award-winning bistros and gastropubs. We’re so proud that our town is
alive with exceptional food stories, local producers and surprising hidden pleasures around every corner – rewarding your passionate appetite for life.

With over 70 restaurants, ours is a bright food culture, authentic and special, diverse and delicious – and whether you’re looking to indulge in a Michelin Star meal, an Italian mid-day spread, a real Irish farmhouse breakfast or casual cosy corner evening dining, there’s just so much to choose from. With local artisanal steaks, the freshest produce and Irish-sourced fish and seafood, it’s about serving up exceptional quality and creative inspiration – every time.

Retail Therapy

Attention, shopaholics! Athlone is not only a hub of history and natural beauty but also a haven for retail therapy. Immerse yourself in the town’s bustling shopping districts, where high-street stores, independent boutiques, and unique shops await. From fashion finds to delightful souvenirs, Athlone offers a diverse shopping experience that caters to all tastes and budgets. Join us as we embark on a guide to Athlone’s shopping scene, uncovering the best places to indulge in a retail adventure.

What’s On?

Why not go for a trip on the Viking Boat a great way to explore the River Shannon and Lough Ree. Athlone has many river walks to enjoy nature and forget about assignments for a while including Burgess Park, The Golden Mile, and the Shannon Banks Nature Trail all in the centre of Town. If you fancy a cycle Athlone has Moby Bike Hire where you can rent a bike and cycle along the Greenway that now crosses over the River Shannon with the new bridge.

One of the best ways to find your feet in a new town is to get out and about and go for a wonder! Walk through Athlone, taking in the heart of the town with shopping centres, restaurants, cafes, pubs, and art galleries. There is a great mix for everyone to enjoy! There is also a great bus service with the A1 and A2 electric buses that go every 30 minutes and cover the whole of Athlone. There is Athlone Guided Tours where you can learn about the history of this beautiful town. Which is a guided tour around Athlone taking in the sights and learning about the fascinating history.

The Venue Athlone

Nature & The Outdoors

Athlone’s heart is one of natural beauty and outdoor wonder in so many ways – from rolling countryside to wetland reserve. Pack a picnic and kick back in beautiful parkland or follow a nature
trail on foot or bike in the company of rich flora, fauna and wildlife. The natural world here is a birder’s paradise, while fully stocked lakes offer world-class fishing. Whether you’re horse-riding, cycling or strolling wooded glades and forests – you’ll find your happy place.

You can hire a boat and cruise along the mighty River Shannon while taking in the best of nature. Lough Ree is only a few minutes from the town centre, and you will find Bay Sports for outdoor water sports.

Nightlife in Athlone

Athlone has a vibrant nightlife with pubs, clubs and music venues which all draw large numbers of people each week. Athlone has the oldest pub in Ireland in Seans Bar and maybe the oldest in Europe. The town has many pubs including Peddler Mac’s, The Castle In, The Snug, Maise’s, The Venue, Piano Bar, Flannery’s Bar, Dead Centre Brewing, Gertie Browne’s Bar & Bistro, and Lord Bellemy’s Bar. So take your choice. There is also Athlone Whiskey Tours which offer two unique whiskey tours in the heart of Ireland. One is a walking tour and the other is on board the Viking Boat.

Lukers Bar Shannon Bridge live music
Study in Athlone

In the heart of Ireland, Athlone extends a heartfelt welcome to brilliant minds from across the world, to immerse themselves in our charming, picturesque, and ever-surprising town.

Renowned for its friendly atmosphere, Athlone stands out as one of the most inviting places to live and study in the country. Immerse yourself in a place that not only fosters academic excellence but also provides a launchpad for a prosperous and fulfilling career journeys.

Located just a stone’s throw outside the town, TUS is home to 6,000 students and is renowned for its warm, friendly, and inclusive campus culture, which supports students in reaching their full potential. The campus offers 200+ industry-focused courses on a full, part-time, blended, and online basis, ranging from higher certificate right through to PhD and beyond.

More to explore

  • Lough Boora Discovery Park: A Nature Lover’s Paradise – Just a short journey from Athlone you have Lough Boora Discovery Park for Anyone who enjoys the outdoors.
  • The Greenway: A Scenic Route from Mullingar to Galway –  The Greenway goes directly from Mullingar all the way to Athlone and is being extended to go as far as Galway.
  • Lakeside Luxury: Top Hotels around Lough Ree – There are many top hotels located around the shores of Lough Ree including Hodson Bay Hotel, Wine port Lodge, and Glasson Lakehouse, and Lough Ree is one of Irelands largest lakes.
  • Historic Gems: Birr Castle, Belvedere House, and Strokestown Famine Museum – Birr Castle is only a short journey from Athlone and Belvedere House, as well as Strokestown Famine Museum.
  • Clonmacnoise: A Medieval Monastery on the River Shannon – Visit Clonmacnoise a monastery on the banks of the river Shannon. The monastery flourished in the 6 th century and grew into a renowned centre of learning, comparable to a modern university, drawing students from across Europe. A cathedral, two round towers, three tall crosses, nine churches, and more than 700 early Christian tombstones are among the remnants. There is a purpose-built tourist centre next to the monastic enclosure.
  • Athlone is in the Heart of Ireland making many locations only a short journey away.