Birr Castle Demesne & Historic Science Centre


A fascinating mix of culture, heritage, beauty and science

Birr Castle Demesne Rosse Row, Birr, County Offaly, R42 VO27


Children running along path at Birr Castle Demesne & Historic Science Centre.

Explore Birr Castle Demesne in Co. Offaly, the home of the Parsons family who descended from the Earl of Rosse.

Discover fun family activities, tour the castle, explore the glorious gardens and stop off at the Historic Science Centre to see the incredible Great Telescope.

Birr Castle offers a fascinating mix of culture, heritage, beauty and science in a tranquil setting. See the stunning gardens with roses, wisteria, magnolias and towering box hedges. Take in spectacular views of the castle from the outdoor terraces. Find peaceful moments by the lake, waterfall and rivers dotted throughout the grounds.

Visit the Historic Science Centre and learn about the Great Telescope, built by the Third Earl of Rosse and still functioning today. When completed in 1845, the Birr Castle Great Telescope was the largest telescope on Earth, capable of seeing further into space than any telescope had done before. The I-LOFAR consortium have built a cutting-edge astrophysics observing facility in Birr Castle that connects to the International LOFAR Telescope and one of the most advanced astrophysics research projects in the World.

The Castle tour includes a one hour guided tour of the reception rooms of Birr Castle with access to the Science Centre, the Great Telescope and the gardens.


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