Sliabh Bawn Wind Farm


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Sliabh Bawn

Sliabh Bawn is a hill with a recreational park and wind farm in Roscommon, just outside Strokestown and near the Longford border.

The park has multiple trails to choose from of various lengths and difficulties. All throughout the park you will pass by, and have epic views of windmills in the distance. A Sliabh Bawn Walk is great for a Sunday day out and there is beautiful scenery all across the trails.

Sliabh Bawn cark park is 7.3 km southeast of Strokestown, Co. Roscommon. The development is located in Doughill forest on the Sliabh Bawn mountain. It is also a 30-minute drive from Longford and a 22-minute drive from Roscommon town.

The park has 6 trails that snake around the hill, windmills and through Doughill Forest. They are looped walks that vary in distance and difficulty.

In terms of trees, you will see water tolerant species such as alder and willow along the wet areas of the forest. The land has a number of wild herb and shrub species including fern, wood sorrel, soft rush and long heather.


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