Áit Sona’s Lakeside Sauna


Áit Sona meaning “Happy Place” in Irish has been living up to its name

Hodson Bay, Athlone, Co. Westmeath.


sauna sunset

Áit Sona’s Lakeside Sauna in Hodson Bay, Athlone

Nestled within the hidden heartlands, the scenic beauty of Lough Ree in Hodson Bay Athlone offers more than just picturesque views; Áit Sona meaning “Happy Place” in Irish has been living up to its name, having become a beacon for those seeking to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect with nature.

Founded on the principles of health, wellness, and the profound benefits of sauna culture, Áit Sona invites visitors to immerse themselves in an experience that replenishes both body and mind. Set against the backdrop of the lush Irish landscape and the serene waters of Lough Ree, the sauna’s location is strategically placed to harness the healing power of green and blue spaces, as advocated by numerous scientific studies including those cited by the World Health Organization.

In addition to the scenic sauna sessions, Áit Sona encourages guests to engage in complementary activities such as cold-water dips in Lough Ree. This practice, rooted in the tradition of contrast therapy, enhances circulation, reduces inflammation, and elevates mood, offering a holistic approach to wellness.

Most Saturday morning’s Áit Sona host’s yoga events on the banks of the lake, and extends a warm invitation to locals and visitors alike, promising an escape that nourishes the soul, invigorates the body, and calms the mind.

As Athlone continues to celebrate the rich tapestry of wellness practices within its community, Lakeside Saunas stands out as a testament to the town’s commitment to health, well-being, and the simple joys of connecting with nature. Whether seeking solace, healing, or simply a moment of peace, guests leave with a renewed sense of clarity and a deep appreciation for the timeless ritual of sauna bathing.