Athlone Guided Tours


Educational, fun and memorable!

Castle Entrance, Castle St, Athlone, Co. Westmeath


A boat passing Athlone Castle.

A truly entertaining and engaging way to see and experience the history and culture of Athlone

The old quarter of Athlone comprises less than 50 acres and is perfect for exploring on foot.

Join Vincent as he wanders the streets of Athlone recounting tales of war and conquest, joy and tragedy, emigration and slavery, and success and folly.

Vincent has been helping visitors to Ireland enjoy their stay in Athlone for a number of years and has helped them understand their past and appreciate the Ireland of today through his compelling stories from Athlone’s past. Vincent has delivered tours for groups from all over the world, engaging them with a mix of wit and wisdom, and a little local imagination!

Taking place every Thursday and Saturday, Athlone Guided Tours are an eco-friendly walking tour suitable for visitors and locals alike. He combines a quick wit, a vivid imagination and a great interest in history to paint a picture of Athlone in every age.

The tours encompass oral history, folklore, memories, famous residents, landmarks and place names throughout the history of Athlone.

The tour starts at Athlone castle and visits various locations in Athlone, including the Strand, the Civic Square and Athlone’s Latin Quarter.

The tour is roughly 3,000 steps or 2.3km in length, so bring your walking shoes!


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