The Baycafé


Explore BayCafé’s delightful menu and relaxed ambiance at our convenient onsite food truck!

Baysports, Hodson Bay, Athlone, Co Roscommon, Ireland, N37 KH72


Baycafé, Basports, Athlone

The Bacafé

Welcome to The BayCafé, where your adventure at Baysports, Ireland’s largest outdoor inflatable waterpark, meets delicious dining right on-site. After your exhilarating water activities, our food truck awaits with a mouthwatering selection of hot and hearty meals. Whether you’re craving burgers, salads, or snacks, we have something to satisfy every appetite.

At The BayCafé, we understand the importance of relaxation after a day of excitement. That’s why we provide ample seating for you to unwind and enjoy quality time with your family, including your furry friends. Bring along as many non-participating guests as you like—we’re here to ensure everyone has a fantastic day out.

Planning your visit is simple. Book your spot in advance to guarantee a seamless experience, combining thrilling waterpark adventures with a delightful dining break at The BayCafé. Join us and make your day at Baysports unforgettable with great food and a welcoming atmosphere.