Athlone’s Best Spring Walks


As Athlone awakens to the vibrant touch of spring.

Its landscapes unfurl into a tapestry of blossoming beauty and renewing life, beckoning nature enthusiasts to lace up their boots and embark on a journey through its enchanting trails. Let’s delve into a more vivid exploration of the hikes and walks that make Athlone a cherished destination for those eager to celebrate the season’s refreshing embrace.

Athlone Regional Sports Centre Fitness Park

Embrace the springtime energy at Athlone Regional Sports Centre Fitness Park, a vibrant outdoor space designed to merge the joys of fitness with the beauty of nature. Spanning approximately 2.5 kilometres, this fitness park is a dynamic playground for those who love to engage in physical activity amidst the scenic backdrop of Athlone’s lush landscapes. With state-of-the-art outdoor gym equipment and well-paved paths, it’s the perfect venue for a rejuvenating jog, a brisk walk, or a vigorous workout session, all while soaking up the invigorating spring air.

Athlone Regional Sports Centre Park

The Golden Mile

The Golden Mile Walk Athlone

The Golden Mile Looped Walk, with its 5.3 kilometres of beauty, captures the essence of Athlone in spring. As you wander this trail, the River Shannon and canal accompany you, reflecting the sky’s changing hues. It’s a place where the sun kisses your skin, and the gentle breeze whispers tales of the river. Here, spring’s vitality is palpable, offering a perfect setting for those moments of introspection or joyous gatherings with loved ones.

Burgess Park

Burgess Park Athlone

Burgess Park, a gem within Athlone’s urban landscape, offers a serene escape for walkers and nature lovers alike. This beautifully maintained park, with its lush greenery and tranquil pathways, invites visitors to enjoy leisurely strolls or brisk walks along its picturesque trails. As a popular spot for both locals and tourists, Burgess Park becomes a lively hub of activity in the spring, where the beauty of nature and the warmth of the community blend seamlessly together.

Old Rail Trail Greenway

The Old Rail Trail Greenway Athlone

The Old Rail Trail Greenway offers a unique blend of scenic beauty and historical exploration. This cycling adventure breathes new life into the path once traversed by the Midlands Great Western Railway, guiding you through a landscape rich with stories. As you pedal from Mullingar to Athlone, each bridge and tunnel serves as a gateway to the past, all while surrounded by the burgeoning life of spring.

Shannon Banks Nature Trail

Beginning at the storied Athlone Castle, the Shannon Banks Nature Trail winds along the River Shannon and the old canal, offering a serene path through spring’s awakening. This trail is a mosaic of water’s melody and the vibrant hues of flora, creating a peaceful backdrop for leisurely strolls or invigorating jogs. It’s where spring’s vitality meets the timeless flow of water, inviting you to partake in its rejuvenating energy.

Shannon Banks Nature Trail Athlone

Portlick Millennium Forest

Portlick Millennium Forest Walk

The Portlick Millennium Forest stands as a testament to nature’s resilience and beauty. This trail, set against the backdrop of Lough Ree, weaves through ancient woodlands and past historic ruins, offering glimpses into both natural and human history. It’s a place where every step reveals the delicate balance of life, inviting you to explore the mysteries hidden within its leafy embrace.

Wrapping it Up

As spring unfolds its vibrant canopy over Athlone, these trails offer more than just walks or rides; they are a means to rejuvenation, exercise and social connection. Whether you seek solitude, adventure, or a shared experience with loved ones, Athlone’s trails are a celebration of Winter passing!